Knowledge, innovation, and social impact

We are the architects of a learning ecosystem centered on the individual and his emotional, social and personal development so that his career path reflects adaptability and innovation. All our efforts are centered around the human factor. All our endeavors have knowledge as the main resource. We build the future.

We create inclusive and interdisciplinary ecosystems

Our programs are complex initiatives to create inclusive ecosystems and  interdisciplinary, where education can have a transformative role. These educational platforms deliver varied learning opportunities that address concrete needs and thus act as a catalyst for social and economic development, with a predominant focus on the well-being of young people from Cluj.

Our philosophy

Knowledge as strategy.

Responsibly gathered from diverse fields and reputable sources, integrated interdisciplinary, coherently transformed into plans and actions. 

People for projects with soul.

All the problems we address and all the solutions we propose revolve around the human factor and emotional well-being ANDand social.

Innovation as motivation and purpose.

We want not only to keep up with the changes that define the pace of this generation, but to generate change with firm intentions towards responsibility and sustainability.

Discover C-EDU members

The architects of this cluster are a community of people for whom our values are the modus operandi. They already demonstrate that what we want to become a reality for Cluj is just a few steps away. What we have to do is learn to take these steps together.

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