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Transylvania Regional Innovation Valley

The Regional Innovation Valley (RIV) concept represents a strategic approach to stimulate innovation-based economic development at the regional level. Transilvania Regional Innovation Valley is a desire of the regional innovation ecosystem to initiate an experiment and learning space on the territory of Transylvania, which will prioritize innovation as an engine of sustainable development, in accordance with the requirements and obligations of the Double European Transition.

Rural-Urban Hub

The Rural Urban Hub is a local initiative that aims to experiment with a new model of addressing development gaps, defining a space for innovation and using urban infrastructure, the benefits and potential of the rural area, connecting their human capital. The goal is to jointly design a long-term sustainable strategy that reduces the differences in development and access to resources between Cluj and the neighboring rural areas.

Cluj Innovation and Experiment Fund

FIX Cluj is an incubation program for innovative ideas, dedicated to young people between the ages of 16 and 26 who live, study or work in Cluj-Napoca and enroll in teams of 2-5 people to benefit from learning, support and financing. Part of the Innovation and Experiment Fund, FIX Cluj offers access to all young people from Cluj, regardless of social background, gender, ethnicity or possible disabilities.

Innovated in Cluj is a platform for promoting real stories about innovators and innovation from Cluj. It aims to promote funding opportunities and create networking and resources for the innovator in each of us. The platform catalyzes the ideas and initiatives of the Cluj community and ecosystem and promotes them in a synergistic context with European initiatives in this field.

Global Startup City Cluj-Napoca

Global Startup City Cluj-Napoca is part of the European Innovation Area - a project in which European cities that are not capitals of countries aim to create a common, synergistic and connected space to offer technological startup entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop in Europe – as an alternative to migration to consolidated global poles such as Silicon Valley or power centers in other areas of the world.

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