C-EDU learning ecosystem

Cluster of Education C-EDU

The C-EDU Education Cluster is the flexible and fluid innovation and learning ecosystem where the new generations of Cluj entrepreneurs can materialize their action plans, starting from competitive knowledge resources, with the support of actors from the local helix (public administration, academia, the sector non-profits and companies).

Local institutions and organizations with the common mission of seeing Cluj excel in the 21st century focus their intention here to identify and solve the real problems of the community responsibly and sustainably.

About us

The C-EDU Education Cluster aims to facilitate and support the long-term effort of young people to transform themselves from visionaries equipped with formal, theoretical knowledge into innovators who implement practically, confidently and maturely relevant plans for their own and the community's future.

Concretely, the C-EDU Education Cluster synergizes partnerships and learning experiences, with explicit values and intentions. Starting from a lucid diagnosis of the needs of the labor market in relation to the available human capital resources, we strive to actively contribute to the elimination of discrepancies. Aware of the advantages and constraints of the digitization era, we keep our respect, equally, towards the leaps of technology and the need to adapt and accept the processes of change, the human aspect of innovation. We understand education as a continuous and adaptive process, inclusive and deeply human.

Credem în viziuni mari și valori oneste

Our vision is to be the reference education and innovation ecosystem for Cluj-Napoca, to meet the present and future needs of children and young people, generating a constructive impact for people, the community and the planet.​

We focus
on man

We see education as the most comprehensive resource for achieving and maintaining individual well-being. 


We believe in free access to continuous, multi- and interdisciplinary, inclusively structured education.

we rethink

In the era of digitization, where adaptability conditions success, innovation is our mantra.


We create the architecture of an authentic collaborative community whose vision is global success.

Our community

The architects of this cluster are a community of people for whom our values are the modus operandi. They already demonstrate that what we want to become a reality for Cluj is just a few steps away. What we have to do is learn to take these steps together.

Short history

This educational cluster is a local movement, initiated by the local ecosystem in 2020, as a space for dialogue and collaboration between the actors from the formal education system and the community of innovation from Cluj to accelerate the processes of sustainable development of a local knowledge-based economy.

The cluster of Education C-EDU is a non-government, apolitical, non-profit, and independent association.

If you have any curiosity, are looking to connect, or simply want to reach out, drop us a message!